The following images were taken during the creation of the seasonal pantomime production of Peter Pan at Eastbourne's Devonshire Park Theatre in the winter of 2015/16

It was one of the biggest productions ever undertaken at the Theatre and Rohan was given access to the whole process of production leading up to the first night and beyond.

In excess of 35,000 tickets were sold for the show that was a spectacular, almost totally sold out, hit.

Thank you to everyone at Eastbourne Theatres for being so tolerant and helpful in relation to this project, and in particular the director, Chris Jordan, for his support.
The Show!
These images can be made available in print form as a travelling exhibition. If you have a suggestion as to where they could be shown next, please do get in touch with Rohan Van Twest. Nearly 10,000 images were created during this project. The 300 (aprox.) images below are just a small selection.

Thank you also to the various members of the cast and backstage crew who put up with this annoying photographer with good grace and humour.

Notably (listed in the order names appeared in the program):
Brian Capron (Mr Darling and Captain Hook), Rebecca Lisewiski (Mrs Darling), Ashleigh Drew (Wendy), Ewan Goddard (Peter Pan), Kimmi Richards (Tinker Bell), Twist and Pulse (Ashley Glazebrook and Glen Murphy as Pirate Swash and Pirate Buckle), Tucker (Smee), Martyn Knight (Mrs Smee), Alexandra Robinson (Tiger Lily), Beth Bradley (Nana), Koda Holland-Smith, James Lyne, Jordan Productions, Sam Spencer-Lane (Choreography), Paul Debreczeny (Production Manager), Shelly Claridge (Costumes), Dave Norris (Deputy Stage Manager), Georgina Eager (Assistant Stage Manager)

It's not been possible to include as quite as many pictures of the Lost Boys as I would have liked. They were an essential part of the production, but they are a bit under-represented here.

Copying, reproducing, storing, downloading and generally messing about with any of these images without permission is strictly forbidden. Please get in touch before you do anything like this and ask for permission.

Wig productionAutumn launch at the Winter GardensAutumn launch at the Winter GardensAutumn launch at the Winter GardensAutumn launch at the Winter GardensCostume makingDetail of costume detailsCostume production

Costume productionCostume productionCostume productionCostume productionPeter meets Wendy for the first time, costume fitting at the autumn launchCostume productionAutumn launchPress interviewAutumn publicity photography sessionAutumn publicity photography sessionAutumn launch at the Winter GardensPhotography for publicityPhotography for publicityFirst day togetherRehearsalsFirst table read through of the scriptFirst table read through of the scriptFirst table read through of the scriptFirst table read through of the scriptEarly rehearsalsEarly rehearsalsEarly rehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsPeter Pan and meets Tinker BellRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsDiscussing propsRehearsalsCostume ProductionCostume ProductionCostume ProductionCostume ProductionCostume ProductionCostume ProductionCostume ProductionCostume ProductionCostume ProductionThe Wardrobe departmentCostume ProductionRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsFinal script revisionsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsEmpty TheatreCrocodile productionPutting up publicty posters in townMarketing meetingBox office at Devonshire Park TheatreBackstageCostume productionCrocodile productionLighting set upBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageCostume fittingBackstageProgram productionRehearsalsSigning postersRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsCostume fittingCostume fittingRehearsalsRehearsalsScript alterations and notesMaking Peter Pan's shadowRehearsalsBackstageBackstageBackstageRehearsalsFilling prize bags for childrenRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsCostume fittingCostume fittingCostume fittingRehearsalsRehearsalsFitting the fountainsFitting the fountainsLighting setupCostume productionLighting setupRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsLighting and Special effects constructionTesting the fountainTesting the fountainRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsCostume fittingCostume fittingCostume fittingRehearsalsRehearsalsChaperones for the childrenRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsals

RehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsBackstageFlying lessonsFlying lessonsFlying lessonsFlying lessonsFlying lessonsFlying lessonsFlying lessonsFlying lessonsFlying lessonsBackstage crew take a breakBackstageBackstageFinal adjustments to lightingFinal adjustments to lightingRehearsalsTechnical adjustmentsWaiting to go onRehearsalsFlying lessonsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsIssuing of microphonesRehearsalsRehearsalsBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsBackstageRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsBackstageRehearsalsBackstageThe Crocodile arrivesRehearsalsRehearsalsRehearsalsBackstageRehearsalsRehearsalsPre-show warm upPre-show warm upBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstagePre-show warm upPre-show warm upStage doorThe Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!BackstageThe Show!The Show!Musical warm-up pre-showThe Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!The Show!BackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageThe Show!After the showControling the scenery changesPre-show security checksBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageBackstageThe Show!The Show!After the showFinal nightThe Show!Final Curtain