Hi, welcome to www.jesmueller.com, the online home of Austin, Texas-based writer/editor Jessica Mueller.

Since 2001, I have been on staff at Intermezzo Magazine, a consumer magazine in the fields of cooking, food, travel and home. For most of that time my position has been Senior Editor. www.intermezzomagazine.com.

I have contributed regularly to
Virtuoso Life www.virtuosolife.com and Alaska Airlines Magazine. “Ticket to Truffledom,” (Virtuoso Life Sept/Oct 2008, vol. 47) received a 2008 Merit Award from the North American Travel Journalists Association in the category of Culinary Travel.

My greatest areas of expertise are food and travel, but I write anything and everything, from marketing copy to novels. Some of my personal interests include animals, the environment, children and families, and health/wellness. I’m also available for editing, copyediting, and proofreading jobs.