Set of four films now released

New Releases

Four films from the series of films Rohan has been making about subsidised heating in Hastings have recently been released.

You can see them here:

First film in a series of four released

New Release

The first film in a series of films about subsidised heating in Hastings that Rohan made has just been released.

You can see the film here:

Good feeback from a client

Job Done!

Having four short films that have just been completed shown at a conference today.

Unfortunately, they can't show them here as the subjects only gave permission for the content to be shown at this conference.

However, here's what the commissioner has just sent me via e mail:

"You have been great to work with and very accommodating of our mind changing …and very happy to recommend you to colleagues if asked."

It's really helpful when clients take the trouble to give feedback.

Interesting Project.

Interesting Project.

On this project I was asked to provide the location filming and sound recording only. All all the original files were sent to the client and they did the editing and post-production themselves. It created a bit of extra pressure; I felt like things had to be in good shape as I didn't want anyone else having to spend time correcting any small errors I might have made. Three of the four interviews were conducted next to quite busy roads, so the sound quality had to be carefully managed, and I'm especially pleased with the way that aspect worked out. Just because you don't really notice the traffic noise doesn't mean it wasn't there!

Music Videos

Film produced for East Sussex Music promoting their excellent music summer school.