Photographic equipment

The worst camera I ever bought

Last week I bid £20 or so for a camera that was broken and had been largely cannibalised for it's most important spare parts, on eBay. Not the sort of equipment I normally look for. The reason for this? I was about to buy another Nikon D810 (an altogether better camera all around) and Nikon are currently running an offer that allows you to trade in your old Nikon digital camera body for a minimum of £350 plus the camera's trade in value. I noticed that nowhere in the terms and conditions did it say that the camera had to be in good condition, or even working. When quizzed, those nice people at Grays of Westminster agreed that although they couldn't actually encourage me to do what I was doing, what I planned to do was acceptable to them. So, I went ahead and got my hands on this pile of photographic junk, handed it over to them, and they gave me a £350 discount on the price of the new camera.


In reality, it seems to me that this is a bit of nonsense, and it doesn't do the Nikon brand any good asking customers to jump through hoops like this to get a price reduction. If Nikon want to reduce the price of their camera's I think they should just come right out and drop the price, and not run dubious promotional events like this, but I guess they have their reasons.