New filming equipment

Some new equipment

There's been a few bits of new equipment added to the film cupboard recently, that I now feel comfortable to share with clients.

The first item is a couple of 5 inch monitors/records that will allow clients to watch the footage while it's being filmed with much greater ease. It also means that it's now possible to shoot in higher quality recording codecs, notably PRO RES, but if your ultimate output video is heading out to the world via YouTube, it's probably not a great advantage, (I've done some tests and struggle to see any noticeable advantages) but I'm pleased to be able to offer this if anyone would like it.


The biggest advantage is to make it possible for more than one person to be looking at the footage as it's being recorded, at a size that shows quite a bit of detail.

Second up, is a Ronin - S gimbal, that allows me to move the camera, off the tripod in a much smoother way than would be possible if it was hand-held, but without having to call upon image stabilisation software, that can often cause as many problems with image quality as it solves.

Although it's not a complete solution to camera shake, it's pretty good, and definitely puts "moving the camera during the shot" on the table as an option. It immediately gives the images a sense of intimacy that you just don't get with a static camera.