Trying to find a new angle

Trying to find a new angle.

So much of San Francisco has been photographed to death. Over and over again, day after day, millions of images of the same scene. The Golden Gate bridge is, apparently, the most photographed bridge in the world (Sydney's Harbour Bridge and London's Tower Bridge may raise a curious eyebrow at this claim, but let's not argue over the details here) Trying to find something that is just a little bit out of the ordinary is pretty hard. Here's an attempt I made today, to try and create something just a little bit different, with a modern feel that doesn't break too many rules, at one of the most popular locations. It's worth noting that back in 1989 when I first visited San Francisco, it would have been pretty hard to hold the details in the shadows on transparency film (in the image below), like we can today with modern digital cameras and software. Although not impossible, it definitely would have been a bit of a struggle.