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On this project Rohan was asked to provide the location filming and sound recording only. All all the original files were sent to the client and they did the editing and post-production themselves.
Three of the four interviews were conducted next to quite busy roads, so the sound quality had to be carefully managed.
The fact you don't really notice the absence of traffic noise doesn't mean it wasn't there!

Please note. On the production called "I'm a Governor" Rohan was only responsible for the filming and sound recording. All the editing and post production was done "in-house" by the client.

A fuller explanation of the various video projects he has been working on can be found here.

…also did a few stills while at the locations:


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Rohan works for large and small clients as well as undertaking a number of personal projects. Clients have included: Microsoft, HM Treasury, British Airways, Thomas Cook, a number of local authorities, and many more.

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